Hi how are you?

My name is Madeleine Patience and I am the lady behind " it must be nice to be a bird". I started making jewelry about a year and a half ago when a woman approached me at an art show saying she loved my necklace! She asked me if I would like to carry with her and I figured since she thought my pieces were good enough to sell then maybe the internet would too! Since then it's been great fun and a great success! I love learning new things every day about the art and design world! Everyday i have new ideas and here is where you can read about them!

In my spare time I like to drink decaffeinated coffee and read well written books. Sometimes I drink coffee with my friends and sometimes we like to go for walks. I don't have lots of free time, but I like to spend it wisely when I do!

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  1. Hi Madeleine! So nice to read more about you! Love the new look for your blog, and congrats on making it to 100 sales! Keep making beautiful things! Best wishes!